Flooring Takeoff Software Review - RFMS Measure - after 7000+ estimates

I have been using RFMS Measure as my default flooring takeoff software for over 10 years and me and my team have used it for more than 7000 takeoffs for our clients. Its slick, fast, easy to use, lots of features and also quite popular. Highly recommended, but like all other popular estimating software's it keeps getting more expensive slowly but surely. Right now its at $US 225 / month but you can check their pricing page for the current costs.

RFMS Measure vs. non-specialized software?

If you are a flooring contractor / supplier, you should definitely use a specialized flooring takeoff software which may or may not be RFMS Measure. The cheapest general estimating software that I know of is Bluebeam, which costs $US 33 / month. Again, see pricing page for the latest price.

The reason I don't recommend general purpose takeoff software is because you can't get accurate waste estimates from them. For carpets you can do the entire seaming plan in specialized flooring estimating software. For Tile they will create the entire layout (which you can adjust) and calculate the waste.

Accuracy is the most important factor to consider as it boosts both your bid success rate and the profit you make (or the losses you avoid) on successful bids.

RFMS Measure vs. other flooring takeoff software

Various people or companies will say that it is really important to choose the right software. I will say, yes and no.

Yes, you don't want to get trained or give training on a software that is substandard and has a lack of features which you suddenly discover you need.

But no, you can choose any of the popular software currently available and you'll be fine. Most flooring estimating software have all the features most flooring contractors will need and are, relatively speaking, intuitive and easy to learn.

Price isn't necessarily a big issue in my opinion. Most of them are quite similarly priced. Those that aren't, will get similarly priced because that is the way capitalism work. If you find a software that has all the features and is half the price of the existing ones, please do let me know.


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