Lighting Takeoff Services

Advance Estimating can help your lighting business scale rapidly by helping you bid more jobs with 100% accuracy. We have a dedicated team of estimators that only do lighting takeoffs for a large number of clients in the US.

Our rates are very affordable at just $11 per hour and our turnaround times are just 2-3 working days.

Don't believe us? We will do the first takeoff for free.

What we provide

We use the best estimation software like On Screen takeoff and Planswift, to provide the most accurate lighting takeoffs.

We will give you a list of material quantities in excel along with notes on assumptions and a list of differences between electrical / architectural lighting plans (if any).

We also provide a colored pdf markup of all the lights taken off and the software file if required. You can use it to check our takeoff and also during installation.

Further details / Expertise

We also provide a full electrical takeoff where we takeoff other electrical items as well besides lighting.

We have extensive experience doing takeoffs for all types of lighting projects. We are able to execute even large multi family commercial projects on tight deadlines due to the size of our team. 

We can also provide overlays. Where we overlay the plans for architectural / Interior design and electrical plans over each other and show you where the differences are.

We go through lighting notes very carefully and methodically. In cases where dimming or other features of the lighting change based on proximity to windows, doors or just some specific location, we will follow these 100%.

For strip lighting we can provide both total length as well as counts of individual strip lengths by size. We can even provide these details on a pdf markup on request.