Blind Takeoff Services

Grow your business and get peace of mind with our blind takeoff services. With 100% accuracy and quick turnaround times you will be able to bid more jobs profitably. Our rates are just $11 per hour.

Sounds too good to be true? We are so confident, we will do the first takeoff for free.

What we provide

Every project we estimate is double checked by a different estimator to ensure that not a single blind is missed. 

As part of our blind takeoff service, we will give you a list of windows / curtain walls, glass doors etc. along with their size and blinds used. We will also provide the location of each window / blind (room number or name) and the quantity of blinds used for that window . In addition we will give a summary sheet with total quantities as well to make the bidding easier.

Further details / Expertise

We know that blind sizes are greater than window sizes and rest assured our calculations take this into account.

We have a very methodical way of estimating blinds where we move in a clockwise manner while creating the blind list so we don't miss anything and you can easily check the takeoff or make changes in future because of client request.