Accurate Flooring Takeoff Services

Grow your flooring business by bidding more jobs accurately, and on time. Use our flooring takeoff services and focus on job execution and developing business relationships.

Why choose us?

Advance Estimating provides flooring takeoff services to over 30 flooring subcontractors in the US alone. They continue to trust us because our estimates are 100% accurate as well as delivered on time.

Our rates are very reasonable at just $11 per hour and our turnaround times are fast at just 2-3 working days.

No need to take our word for it. We will do the first project as a free trial.

What we provide

We use specialized flooring estimation software like RFMS Measure, to provide the most accurate takeoffs.

We will give you a list of material quantities in excel along with notes on assumptions and missing information if any.

We also provide a colored pdf markup of the estimate and the software file if required. This is great for checking and installation, but also for showing clients.

Further details / Expertise

For sheet products we can also do the seaming for you in the software and provide you with a seaming plan. This ensures a very high accuracy during bidding and low waste during installation. See below for an example.

Accurate Flooring Estimating Services Flooring Estimating Services Accurate Flooring Estimating Services

We have experience estimating all types of flooring projects from small home renovation projects to large multi family commercial projects.

We takeoff all items part of the flooring division including carpet, resilient, ceramic floor and wall tiles. In addition we also do takeoffs for terrazzo flooring although that may not be in the scope for the typical flooring contractor.

We also takeoff accessories like wall base and transitions. On request we can provide estimates for other installation materials as well.