Window Estimating Services

Get 100% accurate window estimates in 2-3 days at just $11 per hour.

Sounds too good to be true? We are so confident, we will do the first estimate for free.

What we provide

Every project we estimate is double checked by a different estimator to ensure that not a single window is missed. Unlike other trades where materials are bought by volume or by box, we understand that missing even 1 window can be extremely costly. So there is no margin for error.

As part of our window estimating services, we will give you a list of windows by size, configuration and material. We will also provide the location of each window. In addition we will give a summary sheet with total counts as well.

Further details / Expertise

We can also provide a detailed / full window takeoff with STC rating, tempering information, Type A or Type B requirements, FAV (Fresh air vents) etc. We have knowledge of basic rules in the US that require windows to have certain features based on their location. Please note that there may be some differences between different states and you will need to guide us initially on those differences.

We will include sliding glass doors or other glass door types if that falls in your scope.

We are also able to provide takeoffs for curtain walls or storefront systems.

We also provide Door Takeoff Services and Blind Takeoff Services.