Professional paint estimating services

Get extremely accurate paint estimates at just $11 per hour. Our dedicated team of paint estimators have expertise in performing estimating for all types of paint projects, working for more than 30 clients across the US.

Don't believe us? We will do the first takeoff for free.

What we provide

We use the state of the art estimation software like On Screen takeoff and Planswift, to provide the most accurate paint takeoffs.

We will give you a list of material quantities in excel along with notes on assumptions, discrepancies and lack of information (if any).

We also provide a colored pdf markup of the entire estimate along with the software file. Use it to check our takeoff and also during installation.

Further details / Expertise

We have a standard system of estimating but we can customize it to suit individual client requirements. For example, by default we will use exact wall heights to do the takeoff but some clients request us to round off wall heights to the nearest feet to minimize complexity of the takeoff.

We have expertise in doing takeoffs for all types of paint projects. We are able to execute even large multi family commercial projects on tight deadlines due to the size of our team.